TWD: Peanut Butter Torte

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I feel like I’m going cross-eyed with how busy I’ve been.  Have I mentioned how much I hate being busy?  Ok, I did go out to dinner last night and that was fun even though it added to my overstuffed schedule it was an enjoyable break from the craziness and drunkenness of the last week.  I got to see blog-a-phobe KT and fellow TWD-er Beth (if CB would just move her butt to MA I would have seen her too).  Then today at work my boss was whining that in the last week since I got my new work comp I haven’t been able to get 2 weeks of work re-input in addition to my regular workload.  Ya, that’s 3 weeks worth of work in one week.  I’m sick of him whining so I had to bring work home tonight and waste 3 hours re-doing work I’ve already done.  Damn you Quickbooks and your stupid backup failure the day before my comp died and fried my poor hard drive.

In the middle of doing work I took a break to do the one thing that relaxes me most.  I baked!  Well, that’s kinda a lie.  Sleeping relaxes me more, but we’re talking about non sleep related things.  In case you’re wondering what my #3 most relaxing thing is, I’ll tell you.  It’s chopping veggies.  Oh I love it, I could do it all day.  I’m tired and rambling can you tell?

On to the torte goodness … I love pureeing Oreos.  I did it with the TWD marshmallows and they’re just so much fun and the powder is so yummy.  You know you tasted it too.  I was a little worried that my oreo crust needed more butter, but as always Dorie knows best and after it baked it was perfect.   Then came the PB moose (hehe Moose is the best way to spell it who cares if it’s wrong).  I’ll be honest here, Dorie didn’t know best.  I tasted the mousse before adding the cream and I liked it better.  I’m all about the PB.  I skipped the ganache because my buddy Beth mentioned last night that she thought it was too much.  I think I would have to agree more chocolate would have been good for G and bad for me.  Since I’m the baker what I say goes.

My only real complaint is the waiting time.  Of course I fixed that by cooling all the steps in the freezer, which went just fine until the very end when I went to release my springform pan.  The PB filling was a wee bit frozen to the sides so there was a bit of split-age on one part (you can see it in the picture).  I’m a thinker though so I fixed that lickity split.  I just got a warm cloth and rubbed it around the edge of the pan.  Volia!  Perfect loosening.


TWD: Bills Big Carrot Cake

April 22, 2008 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Cake, Tuesdays with Dorie | 16 Comments

I know, I know, I’m a little late, but I got my new computer at work which is WAY more exciting than uploading my ugly picture I snapped quickly last night before I went to bed.  I mean my new comp is awesome.  More hard drive space than I can use up, 4 gigs ram so I can have a bazillion things open and still have a rocking comp.   A massive 20 or 22 inch wide screen moitor annnnd I can leave it on my desk because it’s slim so when I have to burn CD’s on a regular basis I don’t have play around under my desk.  Because of how my desk is set up it’s a hugemongous pain in the rear and I burn CDs daily.

Ok on to the carrot cake.  Laurie had mentioned that it seemed like a lot of carrots.  I was amused while I was grating them so I grated all three cups and it was too much.  I like carrots, but 3 cups?  In one cake?  It’s just too much.  All in all I really liked this cake, but next time I would use less carrots.  I think I may even try it sometime without any carrots.  I’ll call it a not so carrot cinnamon coconut cake.  Mmm now that sounds delish.

TWD: Marshmallows

April 14, 2008 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Tuesdays with Dorie | 42 Comments

“When it rains it pours” … disaster

I make marshmallows all the time. I love marshmallows and they’re always so easy and I have never had any problems. Of course I walked into this recipe with all the confidence in the world even though Dorie’s recipe was a bit different. The eggs seemed weird, but I wasn’t worried. Come to find out I should have been.

Ya, I know, they’re ugly. I was no longer into the marshmallows at this point

My first go at making the mallows I used a different pan than I typically use and the sugar mixture heated way too fast. When I got around to checking it I could see that I had let it heat too long, stuck my thermometer in and I was right. It wasn’t a total loss, I was just going to make hard candy with it. No problemo. I pulled it off the stove, let it cool a bunch then poured the cinnamon oil in, dumped the candy out and started pulling the candy. I was almost done pulling and separating it into bits when i noticed my face felt kinda burn-y and itchy. I wondered over to the mirror only to see that my face was bright red and I wasn’t looking too pretty … oops looks like the cinnamon fumes were more than a little to harsh for my poor skin to handle. A Benedryl strip and some cool cloths later I was fine, but I should have known try two would be plagued by disaster.

When I made them the second time, I think I poured the sugar mix in too fast because I think there were a few teeny bits of egg, but nothing too bad. I followed the directions and mixed for 3 minuted after everything was added. Everything appeared to be well incorporated, so I poured them in my pans and went on my way. After they set I realized something went wrong because there was a thin layer of gelatin on the bottom of the pans. I tried them, I didn’t love them. I’ll stick with my regular marshmallow recipe that’s impossible to screw up and lasts longer because it doesn’t use eggs. Everything went wrong and I just wasn’t a fan of the final outcome.

I only ended up making plain ones and ones with oreo cookies ground up and mixed in. I had millions of lovely ideas and after seeing the final product just wasn’t that into them, but I promise to make some yummy regular marshmallows off all different types later this week because I was very excited about my millions of ideas.

Gooey Cakes – Take two

April 1, 2008 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Chocolate, Tuesdays with Dorie | 14 Comments

What I love most about these gooey cakes is that they not only taste amazing when you don’t forget about them, but they literally take 15 minutes to make.  Heat the chocolate and butter then mix everything up quickly by hand.  There isn’t much more you could ask for in a dessert.  Fast, easy, delicious!

I pulled these ones out a few mins early to ensure extra gooeyness and they were good.  G had a lot to say about them

“Now that’s some decadent chocolate”

“These things would kill in Hells Kitchen” (I made him watch with me)

And he called them “Deliciously dangerous”

There were a few others I can’t remember now, but pretty much we both loved them.  Go make these now!

TWD: Gooey Chocolate Cakes

April 1, 2008 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Chocolate, Tuesdays with Dorie | 12 Comments

Well, my lovlies you are going to miss out on seeing a picture of my cakes this week because well … I kinda got involved in the drama of the post below and forgot they were in the oven. While they were only in for 14.5 minutes it was still enough to leave the outside of my poor little cakes slightly charred oops The insides weren’t gooey, but they were really tasty. My pictures, on the other hand, were UGG-O so you can just go visit all the other wonderful cakes to get your mouth watering. They’re so easy you may just get to see take two later this week.

Well apparently everyone wants to see ugly gooey cakes 🙂 so  … here you go

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TWD: Caramel Topped Flan

March 25, 2008 at 11:43 pm | Posted in Eggs, Tuesdays with Dorie | 12 Comments

It’s still before midnight in Cali where CB is so I’m just going to pretend I made it in under the wire. I’ll be honest, I’ve never had flan before, but it didn’t sound that appetizing. Cold baked eggs? ummm thanks but no thanks. I was planning on making it yesterday just so I could say I had made it, but the pile of dishes got in my way. After looking at all the flan today I was even less enthused it looks like baked eggs. I honestly thought I might not make it, it was 10pm and I was still debating it. Then my hubs walked into the room. I had promised him dessert last night and had never made anything, he was looking for dessert. I told him about my meh feeling about flan. I was hoping for him to say I don’t like flan because then I would have felt like I was off the hook, but nooooooo he couldn’t do that. He got all excited and told me he LOVED flan. Guess I’m making flan.

Actually, the flan was really easy to make, I made baby flans in these random short ramekins I have (thus the flat looking flan) and, like everyone else I had too much flan mixture and even after doubling the caramel I was short. So the last bunch got dumped in a 4*4 pan and made without caramel.

The end result, it looks pretty and smells good, but I’m just not a fan of flan hehe G on the other hand loved it and ate his little baby flan in under a minute. The dog also got a taste when G wasn’t paying attention and she seemed to love it too.

Recipe after the break

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TWD: Brioche Snails

March 18, 2008 at 10:59 pm | Posted in Breads, Chocolate, Tuesdays with Dorie | 17 Comments

Whew, my snails crawled in right at the last minute.

You may be wondering why raisins aren’t in the title … well, I’m a little raisined out and I’m tired of having to remember to keep baked goods away from the dog. As bad as chocolate is, I know my pooch needs a lot of chocolate before it hurts her, whereas a handful of raisins could kill her. So, I replaced one doggie deadly delight with another. I made Chocolate chip Brioche Snails.

Other than my dough not wanting to stop rising, which may be my own fault, I think there’s a slight possibility that I grabbed the rapid yeast instead of the active, everything went smoothly. I loved loved loved the pastry cream, at first I wasn’t sure about it, but a few tastes later, I was in love.

Once I tried my chocolate chip snails I realized I wanted a topping, but the glaze wasn’t sounding as good as drizzling some of the TCHO chocolate that came in the mail from Blake Makes on it. Boy oh boy is that chocolate yummy. Both my hubs and I loved the chocolate and I was itching to use it and it was a fantastic idea. MMmmm MMmmm good.

TWD: Brioche Snails

March 18, 2008 at 9:15 am | Posted in Blog Event, Tuesdays with Dorie | 9 Comments

We all know that snails are not the fastest animals out there so, shouldn’t it be expected that my little guys would be a wee bit late to arrive to the TWD posting party? Well, expected or not, they’re not here quite yet, they’re at home waiting to get baked up. All their little snaily insides are ready to go they just need to hop into my ovens belly so they can grow.

Expect to see them crawling in sometime this evening

TWD: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake

March 11, 2008 at 12:47 am | Posted in Blog Event, Pie, Tuesdays with Dorie | 32 Comments

Apple pie has always held a special place in my heart. My Mom isn’t much of a baker, or cook for that matter, but the one thing she knows how to make like no other is an apple pie. I adore my Mom’s apple pie and I was so excited for this weeks recipe chosen by Natalie over at Burned Bits.

All in all this was pretty easy to put together, I couldn’t find my rolling pin so my top layer got rolled out with a cup, which worked well enough, but it didn’t quite fit on one corner, but it was close enough. My oven thermometer said my oven was at 375, but my Pie-Cake was finished in about 45 mins and even then the bottom layer was a little darker than I would have liked and I like my apples a little mushier. If I did it again I would probably turn the heat down to 350, but all in all it was a success and it turned out so yummy. It doesn’t beat my Mom’s apple pie, but it was still delicious.

Pics of the inside will come after work.

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TWD: Snickery Squares aka grown up Snickers

March 3, 2008 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Bars, Chocolate, Tuesdays with Dorie | 30 Comments

I’m knee deep in Master Baker baking, but it’s time for TWD aka a nice and much needed break from all things cinnamon! This week’s recipe is Snickery Squares picked by Erin of Dinner and Dessert. They’re basically a grown up version of snickers bars, which are one of the few candy bars I enjoy. I think it’s the massive amounts of nuggat that repulse me when it comes to candy bars, I’m just not a fan.

So yesterday I was talking to my favoritest, CB and she mentioned the dulce de leche that we needed to buy or make. Rut roh I don’t think they have it at my grocery store. She then informed me that the recipe she was trying takes 4 hours. Lovely.

Well her boil in the can in a water bath didn’t go so well (in the end it did, but it took 5.5hrs ugh). So, it was time to find another, hopefully faster recipe. Wondering around I saw on that I could just heat sweetened condensed milk on the stove in a sauce pan. It would go faster and seemed like a good idea. I don’t have my new stove yet and my current stove doesn’t understand low so I ended up with some “burnt bits,” but you couldn’t taste them so maybe it wasn’t really burnt. Did I mention that I’ve never tried Dulce de Leche and the post office ate my Blake Makes dulce that I was expecting. In the process of asking fellow TWDer Lemon Tartlet how I know when it’s done and discussing such things as how Dulce is nerdy, needs an inhaler and can’t play dodge ball I think I cooked it too long. It was a little more on the thick caramel side than it was supposed to be, but it tasted good so all was well.

After that, everything went just swimmingly until it came time for the chocolate. Heating chocolate is easy right? Yes, it is, but my wonderful husband decided to purchase some completely unsweetened chocolate. I love dark chocolate, but unsweetened takes it to a whole new level of bitter … also know as the narsty level.   As usual I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing, opened it up and started melting the chocolate.  Luckily, I like to taste test everything as I go (hehe it’s the best part of baking) and the second the smooth, yummy looking chocolate hit my palate I knew something was very wrong.  Remember the yuck faces you made when you were a kid, oh ya I had my grown up yuck face on after tasting the unsweetened chocolate.   As horrible as it was, it would have ruined my delicious dessert if I didn’t try it, so in the end it was worth it!

All in all a fun recipe to put together. G loved them and I thought they were pretty good. I liked the individual parts alone better than the whole thing put together, but that’s easy enough to work around.

Recipe after the break

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