Magnolia Cupcakes aka New York Part 1

May 18, 2008 at 7:10 pm | Posted in cupcakes, Random, Reviews | 9 Comments

G and I went to NYC last weekend after my cousins wedding. We were there for a whopping 20 hours but, we did hit a few great random food spots. I’m going to talk about all of them, but I feel that Magnolia deserves it’s own post and it’s not necessarily a good thing.

G has quite the sweet tooth so we bought a broad sampling of more than just the cupcakes, but I of course had to sample the cupcakes. For a bakery whose website labels them as a cupcakery I was really let down by their cupcake selection. They had red velvet, chocolate and with vanilla, chocolate with chocolate, vanilla with vanilla and vanilla with chocolate. Can we get any more basic and boring?

I figured that with that limited of a selection they had to be good. Right? Wrong. As we walked back to our car on Bleeker Street I immediately snapped pics of the cuppys I had hand picked then I tried my vanilla cuppy with chocolate frosting (aka my favorite kind of cuppy). Can we say gross? First off, the chocolate frosting was so sickeningly sweet that I couldn’t even taste the cake. The only thing I knew about the cake was that it felt nasty and gritty (if you can even believe that) in my mouth. I tossed 99% of the frosting and still I could only taste the chocolate. WTF? So I took a bite of just the cake and quickly figured out why they frost them with so much super sweet frosting. They don’t want you to even taste the bland nasty ass cake. That’s right I said it, the cake was foul. It had a horrible texture and it was FLAVORLESS. A quick search online of their recipe explains why. In a regular home batch you only use 1 tsp of vanilla. No wonder I couldn’t taste the vanilla, you need at least 1 tbsp of vanilla for vanilla cupcakes. Geeze is this their first day on the job? The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting were equally disappointing.

My text msg convo with CB because it still makes me giggle

Me: Um ya magnolia’s cupcakes suck

CB: Haha. Yeah? What’s wrong wit it?

Me: First off chocolate vanilla and red velvet are their only options … boring. (yada yada I tell her what I already told you guys about my cuppy) Worst cuppy I’ve ever tasted. Boxed mix is far superior.

Me: Their pumpkin cheesecake on the other hand is to die for

CB: Boxed mix better? Dang that must mean u really thing it sucked

Me: Oh you have no idea how bad it was.

If you know what a huge anti boxed mix snob I am you would understand that me saying anything was better means it was really bad. On the other hand, their non cuppy baked goods were absolutely delicious!

Their pumpkin cheesecake was … well … perfection in a mini cheesecake. I can’t say one thing bad about it, everything was amazingly perfect. G and I ate that down in no time flat and it definitely made up for the cuppy suckiness.

Their swirl cheesecake wasn’t quite as good and was a little lacking in cheesecakey flavor, but was still good enough to eat.

Their mini flourless chocolate cakes were chocolaty deliciousness. Really rich and chocolaty but, not too sweet.

Mini chocolate pies. These little chocolate pudding pies with a yummy graham cracker crust (a family Thanksgiving fave) were delish. They chocolate pudding was really chocolaty which was perfect! MMmmm good.
So … if you’re going to Magnolia skip the cupcakes and get the pumpkin cheesecake. You won’t be disappointed!



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  1. OMG! Finally someone who doesn’t worship at the altar of Magnolia. DH and I tried their cupcakes last summer and HATED them. Seriously, didn’t even bother to finish them they were so bad. And yet, everyone I talk to about cupcakes in NYC both in real life and online, raves about how good they are and that they are the best ever. Blech. I would rather eat dirt then a cupcake from Magnolia.

    Now, I think we will have to go back and retry some of their non-cupcake items next time we are in town.

    And for the record, the best cupcakes we have had in NYC so far are from Crumbs. Eleni’s would be second so far. We also didn’t like Buttercup cupcakes. We plan on trying Ruthies and Burgers and Cupcakes too. Thankfully for me, DH travels to NYC about once a week and is willing to bring me back goodies!

  2. You posted our text convo!! LOL. Bummer that you didn’t love the cupcakes. I have to admit that I am not usually a fan of bakery, store-bought cupcakes. Everyone I’ve tasted (exception: Sarah’s) was mediocre at best. Rather bake them myself b/c it always tastes better homemade IMO. Next time I get out to NYC I will probably hit up Magnolia’s to say that I did but on your rec I’ll have the pumpkin cheesecake as a back up!

  3. Sarah’s is obviously my fav … I’m still pissed we shared it because I could have eaten 10 of them. My PB cuppy from Molly’s was fab too, but it had a lot going on. And the lady at the cupcakery around the corner makes some damn good cuppys (I still need to review her dammit I keep forgetting), but she’s a one woman show so it’s pretty much just like homemade

  4. OMG you have no idea how validated I feel after reading this post. If you recall my first attempt at baking from scratch cupcakes was the Magnolia’s Vanilla cupcake recipe and they were awful! Maybe it wasn’t me after all, or least that’s the story I will be telling everyone now ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My friend just went to NYC and brought me home to CA some Buttercup cuppies…they were really tasty, even after being a day old. Their vanilla was one of my favorites. Lemon was not great though.

    The cake was CRAZY moist which was really interesting again considering they were a day old.

    Did you try the banana pudding? I hear that cupcakes are ‘out’ and that banana pudding is all the rage in NYC now, started of course by Magnolia.

  6. Wow, this is serious. Boxed is better than these? That is HUGE for you to say. How disappointing that is sucked! How did they get so amazingly popular with crappy cupcakes?

    • From what I understand, they were featured in Sex and the City. You know how everyone is with stuff featured on shows! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Americans are a bunch of dumb apes?

  8. never speak of your adventures in nyc in my presence. unless it’s to my face. in nyc. beech.

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