TWD: Peanut Butter Torte

May 7, 2008 at 12:27 am | Posted in Blog Event, Chocolate, Dessert, Peanut Butter, Tuesdays with Dorie | 14 Comments

I feel like I’m going cross-eyed with how busy I’ve been.  Have I mentioned how much I hate being busy?  Ok, I did go out to dinner last night and that was fun even though it added to my overstuffed schedule it was an enjoyable break from the craziness and drunkenness of the last week.  I got to see blog-a-phobe KT and fellow TWD-er Beth (if CB would just move her butt to MA I would have seen her too).  Then today at work my boss was whining that in the last week since I got my new work comp I haven’t been able to get 2 weeks of work re-input in addition to my regular workload.  Ya, that’s 3 weeks worth of work in one week.  I’m sick of him whining so I had to bring work home tonight and waste 3 hours re-doing work I’ve already done.  Damn you Quickbooks and your stupid backup failure the day before my comp died and fried my poor hard drive.

In the middle of doing work I took a break to do the one thing that relaxes me most.  I baked!  Well, that’s kinda a lie.  Sleeping relaxes me more, but we’re talking about non sleep related things.  In case you’re wondering what my #3 most relaxing thing is, I’ll tell you.  It’s chopping veggies.  Oh I love it, I could do it all day.  I’m tired and rambling can you tell?

On to the torte goodness … I love pureeing Oreos.  I did it with the TWD marshmallows and they’re just so much fun and the powder is so yummy.  You know you tasted it too.  I was a little worried that my oreo crust needed more butter, but as always Dorie knows best and after it baked it was perfect.   Then came the PB moose (hehe Moose is the best way to spell it who cares if it’s wrong).  I’ll be honest here, Dorie didn’t know best.  I tasted the mousse before adding the cream and I liked it better.  I’m all about the PB.  I skipped the ganache because my buddy Beth mentioned last night that she thought it was too much.  I think I would have to agree more chocolate would have been good for G and bad for me.  Since I’m the baker what I say goes.

My only real complaint is the waiting time.  Of course I fixed that by cooling all the steps in the freezer, which went just fine until the very end when I went to release my springform pan.  The PB filling was a wee bit frozen to the sides so there was a bit of split-age on one part (you can see it in the picture).  I’m a thinker though so I fixed that lickity split.  I just got a warm cloth and rubbed it around the edge of the pan.  Volia!  Perfect loosening.



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  1. Yummy looking torte!!!

  2. Dang, that looks like one slice of heaven. It looks very profesh.

  3. I think it looks just terrific! It looks like a mini since it is so tall. You skipped the cream as in you didn’t fold the whipping cream back into it? Interesting idea – and much more PBy. Good thinking! And yes I think without the top ganache it was likely much better!

  4. Wow, that looks so tall! I think it was a good call to skip the ganache – it was a bit much. Beautiful!

  5. Hope next week is a better week for you – wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we all just chilled out and baked! Everyone should try it! Hx

  6. I wasn’t a fan of the ganache either… but that could be blamed to my inability to read a box and I used unsweetened chocolate, yuck! Hope your work calms down soon.

  7. GRETCHEN – I did fold the cream in, but next time I won’t

    I believe I used an 8″ springform. It was the first one I found and I was too lazy to find my 9″.

  8. YUM that looks divine!! Next time I want to try a more ‘moosey’ feel than so thick…yours looks like you could just grab it and BITE. I did individuals, they are sadly all gone.

  9. Fabu as always master baker nikki. I love that the cookie crust doesn’t go all the way up the sides so you can see the moose. Yum!

  10. loving those perfect sides!!!

  11. This time of year is so NUTS, but that torte looks hot. Nice job!

  12. ps. you should move to CA. nft.

  13. Wow, this looks DELISH!! My mouth is watering!

  14. your torte looks so perfect around the edges! i didn’t think the ganache was too much, but i could only eat a small piece of this

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