Kenny vs Spenny … Cook

May 7, 2008 at 1:10 pm | Posted in Funny | 3 Comments

For those of you who have never seen Kenny vs Spenny I beg you to start watching.  It’s terrible, but most of the episodes will have you rolling on the floor peeing your pants.  The premise of the show is that two buddies Kenny Holtz and Spencer “Spenny” Rice think up these wacky contests to have and then compete, typically over the course of a few days and at the end the loser has to suffer some type of humiliation.  The general rule of thumb is that Kenny always cheats and Spenny always loses, but on occassion, things are reversed.

Last night I was watching/listening to streaming videos while doing work and I stumbled across a Kenny vs Spenny I had never seen … Who’s the best Chef.  This is one of the few episodes where Spenny cheats and he knew, Kenny seems like a bit of  foodie.  Sure hummus isn’t too hard to make, but how good do burnt molasses ribs sound (with red wine and garlic).  I want to try to figure out how he made them and I don’t even like ribs.  For a little chuckle and a whole different type of cooking contest take a look here

It’s not the necessarily the funniest episode, but it’s probably the most enjoyable episode for us foodies.



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  1. The octopus episode is still my favorite, even though it totally freaked me out.

  2. G I think you are officially banned from watching that episode.

  3. The food one was funny but the “kissing” one is hilarious. Post the link to that one! I am still LMAO about all of kenny’s ideas. HAHA!

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