Guess what I got at lunch today …

April 18, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Random | 7 Comments

Yes, that’s right folks I now only have one kitchen appliance (14 cup food processor) left on my list of “every kitchen appliance I could ever want.”  Obviously, that list doesn’t include a drool worthy AGA stove, but that’s on a whole different list of large scale appliances for when I get a house in 20 years or so.

Anyway, back to my hand mixer.  For awhile I felt like I didn’t need one.  I mean I already have a wonderful KA stand mixer that I love and adore, but lately, I’ve been getting frustrated.  My KA does a stand up job, but it feels like such a waste to have to use the big guy when I’m mixing something small and basic.  I also get really annoyed when I’m making cupcakes because I’ll throw my first batch in and want to get started on the frosting, but NOooooooooooo I still have batter in the bowl and I’m way too lazy to get a new bowl, scoop the batter out, wash the KA bowl … ugh hassle and a half.  In the end I say I’ll do it after the cuppys are done, but inevitably I’m “over it” by the time the cuppys are done and they won’t get frosting for another day or so if they ever get it.  Now I know my little gripes can be easily solved with a few extra little things, but really, I have too much already and I wanted to keep it to one easy solution.

I thought it would hang out on my list for awhile and eventually I would get around to buying one.  It wasn’t like the day I decided I needed a stand mixer and within a few days I had one.  Well, today I wanted to take a long lunch because it’s Friday, it’s nice out, and I get Monday off for Marathon Monday so a long weekend is headed my way.  I ended up finding my way to Macy’s and figured ehh I’ll go see if there’s anything good.  Then I remembered that I had a gift card for $28 and change that expires next month.  Yay for wedding registry rewards.

I get in the store and it’s popping.  I look at the purses meh nothing good on sale.  Then I headed downstairs to look for cooking goodies.  Meh, the Martha Stewart stuff is so overpriced for the quality and I just wasn’t feeling any of it.  I almost got some random cookbook they had just so I could use my gift card before it expired, but then …. I saw the 7 cup food processor on sale hmm, I wonder if the 14 cup is too?  Nope, it’s still more than I came to spend BUT, the hand mixers were on sale for $50 w00t, $50 -$28 + tax = $24 yippity skippity.  I snached up the black one (they only had black and white) and now, sitting in my car, waiting for me to get home and start baking is my brand new hand mixer.  I’m giddy.

I love kitchen appliances … it’s a severe addiction … I have a problem (that’s the first step right?) … I think I might need meetings 😛



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  1. You and me on the same page chica! I hate making cupcakes but before I can make the frosting I gotta wash the bowl, dry the bowl etc. Uber annoying! Hand mixer=good idea! I was also thinking maybe I’d get another KA mixing bowl. decisions decisions…

  2. Ok, we could have a contest (!) to see who has the most appliances. Aside from the obvious baking / cooking, can we include Margarita Maker, Panini Grill, Hot Cocoa Maker – see where this is headed?

    Now I want to go buy a new hand mixer – mine only has 3 speeds!!!! And the top speed is sloooowwww.

  3. I win the appliance/gadget war hands down. I use most of them too. I upgraded to a KA hand mixer for the wedding registry and I love it. The only thing that could make it better is a timer built in. But I was able to get that on my Cuisi stand mixer, so that works for me. It is def. worth having both a stand and a hand mixer. An immersion blender is also a near necessity.

  4. Every girls needs her kitchen appliances 😉

  5. The first step is admitting you have a problem, the next step is wanting to change.

    Welcome Nikki!

    And that mixer sure is purdy in that fierce black color! I’m jealous!

  6. Well, my handmixer (actually it was an itty bitty blender) gave up on me and Im now set on a heavy duty stand mixer (yeah I know, I would lose every appliance owning contest) since I have been baking a lot this year…
    Problem is that I need to buy imported stuff since the market doesn’t have any which are manufactured locally. I don’t have a clue on good brands plus there is the problem of not having any back up service available if it dies on me! So am doing a lot of research on stand mixers – I know KA is supposed to be the best – but which model??

  7. How do you find the hand mixer…I have a KA and my own hand…but am tempted to get a hand mixer, just because!

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