What cookbook do I NEED to have?

April 16, 2008 at 2:02 pm | Posted in Random | 10 Comments

So, my wonderful darling favorite (by default 😛 ) husband in the whole wide world just sent me an email with a $25 amazon gift card.  Apparently, he helped fix a teeny prob with someones personal computer at work and she wanted to say thanks.  Of course, as any good husband would do (I have trained him so well), he’s letting me enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Now, my only problem is figuring out what to get.  I think I want a cookbook.  But I need suggestions so start suggesting.  Non cookbook ideas are also welcome.



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  1. You definitely need a cupcake cookbook. Might I recommend 500 Cupcakes? oh wait. that one sucks IMO. What about ::cupcakes!:: by Elinor Klivans? I like that one. I also like my WW Take Out Tonight cookbook. Or what about that Sweet Melissa cookbook? that I’ve seen on a frillion blogs lately? oohh there’s also Martha Stewart’s Baking handbook. I think the next book I order is “how baking works” b/c I wanna learn the science of baking. CB=nerd.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t add your damn Rachel Ray suggestion to this list 😛

    No cuppy cookbooks because there are better recipes online, the cookbooks are all same ole same ole aka BORING

    WW – thanks but no thanks I have one of their cookbooks, I’ve made one recipe out of it and have had it for years (granted I make the recipe again and again, but still)

    Sweet Melissa – tempting, but too many bloggers have reviewed it. Makes me feel like peeps are being bribed with cookbooks so I need more amazon customer reviews before I’ll get it

  3. You should buy me the TWD cookbook so I can join. 🙂 ha ha, just kidding, I’m not one to ask because I never use a cookbook, I just look online to find my recipes.

  4. One of my favorite cookbooks is an Eating Well book. I really like the philosophy that she takes on food, which is to swap healthier more fullfilling things like whole wheat for the normal white flour type things. There are substitutions for using natural or artificial sweetners so that you don’t load up on lots of white sugar. It is labeled as a Diabetes book, but I think it is just a smart eating book. Even though they use a lot of “healthy” ingredients that I don’t usually like, we’ve enjoyed just about everything we’ve tried from this book:

  5. Personally I like this one, besides you can’t beat the title 🙂


  6. Joy of Cooking is a must for any kitchen.

  7. Awesome!!

    I love online shopping. Let me know what you end up getting!

  8. I like Sherry Yard’s book. I have both of hers and like them both.

  9. Ellie Krieger’s Food You Crave. It’s all healthy food, and not a single substitute or weird alternative. Take it from a girl who despises diet food and feeds a man who insists on “real food” this book is beyond good.


  10. When looking for a new dish to make, I always turn to Martha Stewart’s Great Food Fast. It’s divided up into the 4 seasons, the the recipes always turn out great. I’d recommend that one!

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