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April 14, 2008 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Tuesdays with Dorie | 42 Comments

“When it rains it pours” … disaster

I make marshmallows all the time. I love marshmallows and they’re always so easy and I have never had any problems. Of course I walked into this recipe with all the confidence in the world even though Dorie’s recipe was a bit different. The eggs seemed weird, but I wasn’t worried. Come to find out I should have been.

Ya, I know, they’re ugly. I was no longer into the marshmallows at this point

My first go at making the mallows I used a different pan than I typically use and the sugar mixture heated way too fast. When I got around to checking it I could see that I had let it heat too long, stuck my thermometer in and I was right. It wasn’t a total loss, I was just going to make hard candy with it. No problemo. I pulled it off the stove, let it cool a bunch then poured the cinnamon oil in, dumped the candy out and started pulling the candy. I was almost done pulling and separating it into bits when i noticed my face felt kinda burn-y and itchy. I wondered over to the mirror only to see that my face was bright red and I wasn’t looking too pretty … oops looks like the cinnamon fumes were more than a little to harsh for my poor skin to handle. A Benedryl strip and some cool cloths later I was fine, but I should have known try two would be plagued by disaster.

When I made them the second time, I think I poured the sugar mix in too fast because I think there were a few teeny bits of egg, but nothing too bad. I followed the directions and mixed for 3 minuted after everything was added. Everything appeared to be well incorporated, so I poured them in my pans and went on my way. After they set I realized something went wrong because there was a thin layer of gelatin on the bottom of the pans. I tried them, I didn’t love them. I’ll stick with my regular marshmallow recipe that’s impossible to screw up and lasts longer because it doesn’t use eggs. Everything went wrong and I just wasn’t a fan of the final outcome.

I only ended up making plain ones and ones with oreo cookies ground up and mixed in. I had millions of lovely ideas and after seeing the final product just wasn’t that into them, but I promise to make some yummy regular marshmallows off all different types later this week because I was very excited about my millions of ideas.



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  1. Oh you poor thing! I had no idea that just fumes could cause that kind of reaction. That stinks! 😦

    And I’m sorry you didn’t like the recipe. I wasn’t too thrilled with the end result of mine either. I’m gonna have to go through your blog to see if you’ve posted your tried and true recipe. Marshmallows seem like so much fun to make but this recipe just wasn’t.

    Hopefully next week will turn out better for both of us!

  2. Hurrah – I have finally found someone who wasn’t that thrilled with their results too! It gives me hope that there are decent recipes out there…maybe one day! Hx

  3. I had trouble with the recipe on my first go too. I felt that the recipe really wasn’t very clear, especially for those who are first-timers with meringues.

    I do like how yours came out thought, specialiy with the oreos.

  4. yeah, this recipe was weird if you ask me! sorry you felt like it was a disaster, but in the picture they are actually pretty darn cute!!

  5. Oo, no fun! I’m sorry this wasn’t the most successful of weeks, but good job persevering through. And really, those marshmallows look adorable!

  6. I think your little flowers are cute! I made peanut butter cookie s’mores with mine. I can’t wait to see your other ideas with your regular recipe!

  7. I bow to your quick thinking, turning that first batch into hard candy. Meh to the marshmallows, on to carrot cake!

  8. What a lovely idea!

  9. Oh no, I can sympathize with the cinnamon fumes, since I’m allergic. I’m sorry these didn’t turn out for you! Kudos for trying twice though!

  10. Hey…I think they look awesome! How on earth did you make the flower shapes! Great job πŸ™‚


  11. I didn’t like the recipe either, because of the egg whites, so I made marshmallows, but not Dorie’s. I am not a marshmallow person at all-

    Chapeau for doing it twice
    Ulrike from KΓΌchenlatein

  12. Thanks guys. I figured I had to at least make them semi cute since I wasn’t in love with them so I cut them out with cookie cutters, but I ended up getting oreo all over the plain ones oops πŸ˜›

    For reference the marshmallow recipe is usually use is here
    And the candy recipe is here, but it does ok without the cream of tartar if you happen to be an absent minded screwball like me

  13. I love the idea of crushed oreos!!

  14. Aww, poor Nikki! And the absent minded screwball posted the same link for both the marshmallow and hard candy recipe above. πŸ˜€

  15. Neener shut it πŸ˜› I fixed it

  16. Sorry about your kitchen disasters. They can’t all go perfect right?

  17. Love your marshmallow flower-pops look hot, you should despair! I had to laugh about all your disasters, cause it sounds like me in the kitchen sometimes, but I do hope that your face has recovered.

  18. Mine didn’t turn out well either. I’m hoping to try them again with better luck!

  19. Eventhough it didn’t turn out…the little marshmallow pops are darling!!!

  20. I lurve the marshie-pops! They are oodles of cuteness. I do agree that your recipe is better than this one. I wasn’t feeling the gelatin layer at the bottom. Narsty! So… any of your million marshmallow ideas need taste testing? Feel free to ship them my way πŸ˜‰
    Sincerely your favorite TWDer,

  21. I had the same problem with the bits of egg. They do look cute though! πŸ™‚

  22. Oh no! I hope your face is better. I never thought about mixing oreos, I think that would taste fantastical. :o) Awesome job. :o)

  23. Sorry to hear you had such trouble with the recipe.
    I think your “‘mallows” look cute!

  24. Mine were weird too, but I love the oreo idea and think they look cute!

  25. Thank you for your comment ! So i discover your lovely blog.
    For making my marshmallows, I have to say I didn’t exactely follow the recipe of DG. And I don’t have thermometer. May be I have had chance !
    Sorry for my english !

  26. I’m so sorry you went through all that! What a cute idea, though – marshmallow pops!

  27. Oh no! What a bummer. You definitely should have taken the cinnamon rash as a sign. πŸ™‚

  28. I think, had I been you, that I would have given up. But the flowers are so darling! You get an extra gold star for that. Thank goodness there was no weird gelatin layer in my marshmallows. I’m already anti-jello and that would have made me sick!

  29. yay, another person who was less than pleased with their product! tehy look very cute though!

  30. I think the flowers are adorable! Sorry you didn’t like them, but I know what you mean about all the flavor ideas. I came home with a ton of ideas and my husband limited me to the three I made πŸ™‚

  31. I think they still look nice.

  32. The flower mallows are so cute! Great idea. Sorry you had so much trouble with them though.

  33. I’m sorry to hear that your marshmallows didn’t turn out the way you hoped. I hope your face is feeling better. =)

  34. I love your flower marshmallow idea! Very creative!

  35. I’ll be sticking with my usual egg-less recipe too! The flowers are a cute idea though!

  36. There’s something about getting out a candy thermometer that turns me into a nervous wreck. Your flower pops look so cute though. I loved this recipe, but I’m also curious to try one that doesn’t have eggs.

  37. Annmartina – you also don’t need a candy thermometer for the other recipe so it’s way less scary even though you are pretty much heating the same ingredients πŸ™‚

  38. marshmallow pops! oreo cookie marshmallows! im so jealous. i liked mine, but maybe that was because this was really my first time making them. i am going to try again with your recipe.

  39. Total bummer abot the reaction to the cinnamon fumes. I have ridiculously sensitive skin so I can empathize.

  40. those are so cute! even if they don’t taste all that great. i’m so impressed w/all of you who have made marshmallows before…i never thought to make them at home!

  41. Too bad these did not work out exactly as you had planned. The flower shape is fun!

  42. hi sis! you’re linked. wow! seems you really had a great time with your food trips. I don’t know if I can take the popoo cheesecake…hehehe. TC

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