Gooey Cakes – Take two

April 1, 2008 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Chocolate, Tuesdays with Dorie | 14 Comments

What I love most about these gooey cakes is that they not only taste amazing when you don’t forget about them, but they literally take 15 minutes to make.  Heat the chocolate and butter then mix everything up quickly by hand.  There isn’t much more you could ask for in a dessert.  Fast, easy, delicious!

I pulled these ones out a few mins early to ensure extra gooeyness and they were good.  G had a lot to say about them

“Now that’s some decadent chocolate”

“These things would kill in Hells Kitchen” (I made him watch with me)

And he called them “Deliciously dangerous”

There were a few others I can’t remember now, but pretty much we both loved them.  Go make these now!



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  1. These cakes and me will be in the other room for a while. There’s no need to try to knock, they’ll be busy. Don’t worry, they’re old enough.

  2. oh so gooey. damn your pictures always put mine to shame. ::shaking fists:: Great job! 🙂

  3. Okay 15 mins and delish? Now I just may have to try these since the hubs loves chocolate brownie stuff. In fact, it’s about the only sweets he actually likes.

  4. Aren’t they great? Looks like you got a lot of gooeyness in yours, great job!

  5. Second time was the charm! Good job!

  6. Wow… gooey-ness achieved! Nice work!

  7. Over achiever. 😛

  8. SLUSH – you know it 😛

  9. Looks sinful! great photo also. 🙂

  10. LOL Slush! That looks perfect Nikki! (And yeah, your picture is killer, boo hiss! :D)

  11. Wonderful job! Glad you were really able to ENJOY them this time around!

  12. I am really afraid to make these cakes… I won’t be able to resist and I can’t afford another 5 lbs on my you-know-what! 😉

  13. They look so yummy! Good idea to not cook so long to get a really gooey centre! I must try them again

  14. I ate all of them. No lie.

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