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I went to college in Boston, but sadly I don’t live in the city anymore. I only live a mere 20 minutes outside of the city, but I really don’t head in often enough. I could easily spend all day every day walking around, people watching on the T, going into all the random shops, stopping by Chinatown to get my favorite little fried sesame donut things with a red bean filling (got some today mmmm). I miss living 2 blocks from Newbury street and around the corner from my favorite fierce Asians who are the best eyebrow waxers on the face of the planet, yet only charge $8. I miss it all, but one of the fun truly food related things I miss is Haymarket.

Photo (Globe Staff Photo / Essdras M. Suarez)

I don’t really know where to begin with explaining Haymarket, but basically, every Friday and Saturday a little street around the corner from Faneuil Hall gets closed down so the street can be taken over by stands and stands of vendors selling everything from fruit and veggies to cheese and meat (I’d recommend staying away from the meat) at rock bottom prices. This isn’t a farmers market on any level, all of the produce sold is grocery store overstock. Some of it looks amazing, some of it, ehh not so much, but you can’t beat the prices. The only down sides are the massive flock of crazy people buying stuff and the vendors (ok they’re really not a downside because they’re hysterical). They don’t have the patience to deal with people who want to pick the fruit they get. They don’t have time for it and at these prices you can’t be choosy. If you don’t like it, they’ll tell you that’s fine, move along, then follow it up with “Next.”

Even though you have to search out the best looking produce and prices and may still come home with a few pieces that need to quickly find their way to the trash, you still end up way ahead. So, by now I’m sure you want to know how much I got for my $20

6 – oranges (the ones they charge$.99 each for at Stop & Shop)

6 – blood oranges

1 – pomello (never had one before, but sooo yummy)

5 – ears of corn

3lbs of kumquats (so excited about this find because I couldn’t find them at the grocery store this week and G wants to stock up on marmalade)

1 box of the biggest most beautiful strawberries (I got to pick these ones out w00t)

1 – bag onions

3 – hugemongous onions (I like onions)

20 – baby bananas that were going brown, but are perfect for banana bread, best part is that they were only $1.50

2 bunches of parsley that were each the size of my head (can I freeze these or something? Help? They were 2 for $1, but you couldn’t just get 1)

1 – smaller bag of rosemary

6 – plumb like things that I don’t remember the name of

1 – bag of 6 heads of garlic

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Then I spent another $9 on cheese and this is where it gets amazing because the actual cheese shop is on the street and they just bring a few things out that they were selling for 2 for $5, but when I went back on my way home as things were winding down they were down to 2 for $4. So, for $9 I got a ball of mozarella, half a round of brie, some havarti and some organic cheddar w00t!!

G and I spent the rest of the day walking around, but all in all it was a fabulous day and I was thrilled with my bounty!

For more pictures of Haymarket you can check out the the pictures from the Boston Globe here



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  1. It can be frozen! What you do is grab some ice trays, and chop up your parsley however fine you want it. Put it in the trays, then fill the rest of the cube with water and freeze it. Thaw it out when you want parsley, throw the cube in soup and sauce. It works!

  2. Haymarket is awesome! I love when they have whole pineapples for $1.

  3. ooohhh so its like a HUGE food swap meet! I wanna go. Take me in July… promise? 🙂

  4. I SO love Haymarket! I went this weekend too and got 3 pounds of green beans for $1!!! Perfect for our Easter. I have a picture somewhere like yours-LOTS of stuff for under $20.

    I was going to get those plum-like things but didn’t b/c I had no more hands left-were they good?

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