TWD: Brioche Snails

March 18, 2008 at 9:15 am | Posted in Blog Event, Tuesdays with Dorie | 9 Comments

We all know that snails are not the fastest animals out there so, shouldn’t it be expected that my little guys would be a wee bit late to arrive to the TWD posting party? Well, expected or not, they’re not here quite yet, they’re at home waiting to get baked up. All their little snaily insides are ready to go they just need to hop into my ovens belly so they can grow.

Expect to see them crawling in sometime this evening



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  1. dude. A scene from “Aliens” entered my head. Not pretty. But I am sure your brioches (or is it briochi?) will be fab! Can’t wait to see the wee little guys…

  2. I envy you getting to eat them today. Mine are already gone! booo

  3. I am just glad Im not the last snail to the ball. 😛

  4. You are such a nut.

  5. Heh! Snails, moving slow, sweet!

  6. Tell them to crawl into my mouth. TIA!

  7. hahaha… can’t wait for them to crawl into your oven so i can see how they turned out! 🙂

  8. How decadent is this: Chocolate glaze!

  9. These look so good… When I was an exchange student in Denmark I would eat ‘snegle’ (snails) all the time. I’ve never tried making them myself though.

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