Ferosha Coutoura: The life of a Fierce Cuppy

March 4, 2008 at 10:41 pm | Posted in Blog Event, Random | 17 Comments

CB (someone *cough*CB*cough* is behind in her link to Nikki quota) and A-nig are hosting a Fierce Cuppy Contest. Why you ask? Well because my beloved Christian is going to show off his full on fierceness tomorrow night when he whips the butts of godawefulhideousness that is Jillian and Rami on the Season Finale of Project Runway. Can you say tickty tack tranny mess?

Now, my fellow competitors are all sending in some fierce cuppys, but seriously folks, this is about Christian, it’s about PR, it’s about getting ready for tomorrow night. It’s like those Jock Jam’s CDs that my bro and his friends used to listen to before hockey games. This is to psych everyone up and get everyone ready to watch Christian Rock the casbah!

OMG I’m gonna die … I just can’t wait.

I bring you my ode to Christians fiercest moment … the dress he made for that biznatch high schooler for her prom. Why does this make him fierce … please folks the fact that he survived that round and dealt her makes him Ferosh.

I bring you Ferosha Coutoura …. “ Her name is Ferosha Coutura;. and she sprays people in eyes with hairspray.”

Video updated in all it’s suck up glory



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    “Like Clara!”
    Ohmygod. I am dizzy from laughing and I hit my head on my desk when I fell off my chair. I am gonna listen again b/c I wanna hear “like clara” over and over!

  2. If you move to MA I’ll say “Like Clara” all the time *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

  3. So did you have a puppet show in the kitchen? Looks all professional, we got a stage, a backdrop, some yummy looking puppets and some crazy director with a camera……….hmm somebody call project greenlight

  4. We are totally the fierce-est beeches. (Just between you and me I am most fierce right? my vote counts more than hers just saying…)

  5. G – Now I remembered why I married you … you call my ghetto ass setup professional

    CB – whatever it takes to win!

  6. I have no words….. no words. Tomorrow is going to be so beyond fierce. I watched the marathon ALL Sunday and I was so bummed when it was over. I should have been multi tasking and making fierce cupcakes at the same time… alas.
    Can I also just stick up for my girl Jillian. While Christian is fierce, Jillian is the hotness. And Rami… can go kick rocks.

  7. Wow. What a suckup…..

    Like Clara!

    tee hee

  8. Joy – she is my second favorite so I’ll give her some credit. That licorice dress she made was bad ass and edible! And Rami ugh if he wins I’ll never watch the show again 😛

  9. This video was pretty hilarious! And…It must be said “Go Jillian!”

  10. Oh hell nah. There is no jillian lovers allowed in this fierceness. I will totally boycott if draper boy wins. nft.

  11. Ya serio Rach, what’s up with cheering for the wrong team

  12. OMG Nikki! This is hysterically ferosh! I almost spit my coffee out on my computer screen! And I agree Christian all the way!

  13. UGGGH, I can’t see video at work and I want to see this sooooo bad. OhmygodI’mgonnadie of barfness!!!

  14. I can’t see it at work either! I’m dying!
    Christian is going to kick everyone’s feirce and ferosh asses tonight ladies, mmkay?

  15. F’n hilarious. Well done.

  16. ohmygodimgonnadie – over it – not from it. You are truly ferosh.

  17. OMG. So fierce and ferosh! I finally watched it – I made T watch with me. We were cracking up! Nice subliminal message there Nikki. SUCK UP!

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