Did you miss me?

February 27, 2008 at 9:48 pm | Posted in Random | 18 Comments

Even if you didn’t I did. The flu kicked my butt. I felt like one of those ultimate fighters that gets knocked unconscious in the first 30 seconds, bloody and beaten out of nowhere. I’m finally on the mend, but still not feeling like my normal cheery self 😦

Because I know you all missed my wonderful posts and because I’ve been tagged with more meme’s than I can keep track of I’m going to ease my way back into blogging with a mish mash of meme’s. I know my darling CB tagged me at least one, the hysterical Tempered Woman tagged my butt too and I just saw that I was tagged again by Naomi of Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried. For some reason all the recent meme’s have centered around 5’s which is a nice short number I can live with. So …

5 things about me aka the Meme everyone has taken part in

1. I give my pets crazy names. My dog’s name is Puddles. My cat is Bubba Lucky (think rubber ducky, but not) and my old cat that went missing about a year ago 😦 was named Spanky Monkey Kitty

2. I used to swim competitively and was one of the top 10 swimmers in New England in multiple events when I was younger.

3. I have one sibling. A younger brother that is a year and a half and six days younger than me. He is also 1 day shy of two years younger than G. Do you have any idea how confusing it gets when your hubby and bro have b-days back to back. I am a horrible wife because I have to ask my hubs which bday is his. Ooopsies

4. I have three college degrees. Sociology, Religion and Women’s Studies. Ok, so the last two are minors, but technically I still have a degree in both of them. Too bad three degrees doesn’t automatically translate into a job I love. I adored my college classes, but now ugh, no clue what I want to do with my life and I’m just chilling at a job I’m not a fan of.

5. I’m a sucker for reality TV. I watch all of it. Every last bit of reality TV. It’s fantastically addicting. I like how one of my sociology professors put it best. She basically said as people interested in sociology we’re kinda obsessed with people watching and seeing how they interact so it’s educational 😛 Sure, it’s edited, but what you see does happen so I’ll just pretend I’m watching for educational purposes.

The Meme Naomi tagged me with is pretty cool, she changed around the one she was tagged with and, in my mind made it even better

5 Tastes I couldn’t live without

1. Limes

2. Chocolate

3. Cinnamon

4. Cheese – specifically Parmasean, Mozzarela, Cheddar and ::ducks for cover:: American Cheese (land o’ lakes white to be exact … I hate kraft singles yuck)

5. Carbs – so what if they’re not a real taste I’m addicted to them and I vote that they should count so they do

And because you’re probably wondering why I put that sexy picture at the top … I’m going to join the crew of girls whoring out their blogs for the purposes of getting in the Knut’s err the knot’s wedding magazine. They’re having a real wedding contest and I’m sort of a rebel. I didn’t love my wedding pics enough to put them up to be critiqued by others, but a bunch of us got together and trashed our dresses and those pics are hawt, so I entered those. You can vote every day so give us 5 stars and let me know you love me. Go here for our pics.



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  1. I have 3 degrees too then if you put it that way! Advertising, Communications, and Psychology. And I agree with your professor – as being completely interested in Psychology, I find reality TV completely an obsession. I love seeing what makes people tick. 🙂

    I would DIIIIIE without cheese!

  2. You hate CHEESE?!?!?! I am horrified by this comment. Now, American cheese is not real cheese so I understand that but not liking Parm, Mozz or Cheds is just plain WRONG.

    I must take a mental break to digest these horrors. I might need therapy!

  3. UM Rach they’re things I couldn’t live with out ie I LOVE THEM

  4. Praise the cheese gods that I misread!!!!!!! I was about to fly to Beantown and kick your non cheese lovin’ butt!


    Rachel told me you hated cheese and I almost had to dis-friend you. thank god she misread! Thats just sacrilicious to not like cheese!?!? I have no idea what I am doing with my life either… ah well. I think thats what life is about, right? Figuring out what to make of it? At least thats what I tell myself. PS. spanky monkey kitty? I fear for your children someday! LOL

  6. ps. Our TTD pics are so fierce. nft.

  7. I love cheese too! I think that would be at the top of my list.
    And yes, we are some fierce beeches

  8. I love the trashing of the wedding dresses – sounds like more fun anyways.

    Carbs are definitely a taste. In fact, they might be a way of life, at least for me!

  9. ^ ha a woman after my own heart!

  10. Carbs are a taste, especially ones with cinnamon in them. I wondered where you had disappeared to. Hopefully you keep getting better! I love co-jack cheese best, but have just recently become obsessed with sharp cheddar on triscuits. Yummmmm

  11. i had fun reading your meme 🙂 i love reality TV too! totally addicted! and your TTD pics are awesome!!! GL!

  12. Great meme. I love those pictures of you guys in your dresses! I would like to have seen you all crawling out of the pool too. I like the idea of trashing the dress – it’s delightfully subversive.

    x x x

  13. I adore the name Spanky Monkey Kitty. If I ever accidentally have a child, I am going to let you name it for me.

    And #4…I’m totally there with you. I LOVED college…but now I can’t find a job that I enjoy for the life of me. 😛

  14. I’ve been in college since I was 16 (on and off) still no degree lol and I’ve changed my major four different times. Obviously, I love school hehe I really don’t have any intention of working outside the home, I just want a degree (or two or three)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! I could never trash my wedding dress, though, I love it too much. I’m a dork, I still put it on and sit around this house in it sometimes.

  15. That’s a cool picture of you girls!
    Haven’t baked my cinnamon thing yet but will be doing it tomorrow…hopefully…

  16. PS – I forgot to thank you for pimping us out. We are ferosh biotches!

  17. You are EXCELLENT 🙂


  18. Glad to know I’m not the ONLY one that gives my pets “odd” names. Everyone tends to raise an eyebrow when I tell them my cat’s name is Tapioca Pudding. I also once had a litter of dalmatian puppies that I named after dishwashing detergents…Dawn, Joy, Ajax, Palmolive, and Cascade (b/c he was virtually spotless).
    Great blog!

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