Funny Friday: Search Terms

February 22, 2008 at 12:39 am | Posted in Random | 23 Comments

One of the most “interesting” parts of having a blog has to be reading the search terms that get people to your blog. They can be educational on some level, letting you know what people are interested in. Do you have any idea how many people search for Sprinkles cupcake recipes? OMG ridiculous! They’re not that good people!

You can also learn about the not so bright people. Today for example. Someone did a search for how to make purple frosting. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t this obvious? Didn’t we all learn the basic colors and how they made other colors in … ohhh I don’t know, first grade? That would be Blue + Red = Purple for those of you that don’t remember. Another not so intelligent search today ” ‘sprinkles’ frosting recipe.” Do people not know how searches work? You put quotes around GROUPS of words you want to make sure are together. Putting them around a single word is pretty much useless!

That’s not to say I don’t get very normal searches … for example today we had a search for peanut butter cookies and black and white cake. Searches like that are good searches. Things you should be trying to find.

Then come the crazies. I can’t remember all my crazies, but today I had my funniest search and my CB had a pretty freaking funny one recently too.

My funny search of the week: “how to make molds of my penis” bahaha

The worst part is that I do know the answer to that question. The reason they were brought to a cooking blog is because I mentioned the penis jello shot molds used at my Bach party. I myself was doing a search for penis jello shot molds a few weeks ago and I found the correct answer. Apparently sells kits to make your own BOB of your man’s winkie. I guess a guy could keep it for himself and PIUHB if he’s into that kind of thing.

CB’s funny search of the week: “what do ravers sniff at raves” haha even funnier

If you search for that is actually the first site that comes up. The best part is that they got there because CB was “raving” about an etsy seller that sells aprons (my hubs got me one for my b-day and it’s fantastic). Again I can answer the question … lots of drugs and maybe even non-drugs too. There are some stupid people who do drugs who buy asprin and think it’s going to get them so messed up. Parents just hope your kids are the dumb drug users who will spend $20 on an asprin.

So folks, I’ve told you a few funnies, now I need some payback to get me laughing my way right on through Friday and into the weekend. What are the funniest things people have searched for to get to your lovely cooking (or non-cooking) blogs?



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  1. ::writing post-it about blue+red=purple::
    Oh man. too freaking funny. Maybe this is why my stats were REALLY good on my “rave” day. Do I know how to bring in drug traffic-ing (get it? I kill myself!) or what??

  2. bahaha omg I can’t believe I snorted when I read your lame joke.

    And enough of the post-its. That’s going to bring lame-o seaches my way.

  3. Pure hilarity! How do I know who searched what to find my blog? I have no idea!

  4. RPS – wordpress has it automatically, but you can add google analytics to your blogger blog to get all the same info. It’s worth it. Farking hysterical stuff

  5. Not as funny as yours, but the recent ones include

    Strawberry Shortcake’s real name

    sexy beech

    chicken meet


    world’s ugliest bunnies

    Do y’all think they know Strawberry Shortcake was only a toy?

  6. Hahah hysterical! She was also the best cartoon ever before they made her all 21st century

  7. This post made me laugh SO hard. I’ve been having a tough night and thank god I stopped here! HILARIOUS! Thank you for putting a smile on my face. ‘How to make molds of my penis’ !? ‘worlds ugliest bunnies’ !? I bet people think they have privacy when they do searches like that.
    i don’t have any funny ones to share. My boyfriend searches things because he knows I’ll see them Last night it was ‘ “joy the baker” i love you’… Now that’s romance!

  8. Joy I’m sorry you’re having a tough night, I’m happy we got you laughing!

    And seriously, your boyfriend doing I love you searches is even better. So sweet. He needs to give my hubby some lessons!

  9. On my search terms right now are “huge love handles” and “mens boxers cup cake” random!!

  10. I had tons of hits for irish car bomb cupcakes and so many varitaions of it. Here is my funny one, you will love this one Nikki 😉
    I got: cupcakes recipes boobs

  11. Ohh this on is priceless

    big red plus red wine equals crazy delicious

    Why would you put big red gum in wine?

  12. I learned something today. I did not know about the quotes in searches! Good to know.

    And OMG….PIUHB? You totally had me cracking up.

    As far as search terms…how do you find out what searches are leading people to your blog?

  13. I am LMAO right now!! I need to start paying attention to this shiz. The only one today that is dumb is “super seacreat sugar cookies”. WTF is “seacreat”?!

  14. mine aren’t as good as yours but here are some funny ones 🙂

    “eat one less cookie”
    “molasses rust”
    “100th day of school treats”
    “cheap food treats for a group of 20 persons”
    “flying cakes”
    “i’m a chocolate freak i love chocolate loking for good chocolate recipes” (yes, they spelled looking incorrectly)
    “ketchup quiche”

    oh, and apparently i also get a lot of hits because i have the “better than sex” cake in my blog!

  15. when reading cb’s comment.. the song bed of roses popped into my head..

    can you imagine??

    “i wanna laaay you doooown in a bed of post- ittts”

  16. ^ BAHAHAHA. thanks for the serenade, TM!

  17. On the topic of Art 101- I actually have some very smart friends who are like crazy working on their PhD book smart but couldn’t tell you what 2 colors makes orange to save their lives. seriously. it takes all kinds ya know…

  18. This was too funny. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything, or I would have snorted it up my nose!

  19. “lentils make me vomit”

    why are you searching for this? you already know they make you vomit! are you looking for an online community for the lentil nauseated?

  20. OMG….I just found this one
    “alanna looks like a muffin”

    What? “alanna, mike, cheating”

    Um, why yes, I suppose you could…
    “can you use duncan hines red velvet mix for cupcakes”

    My cat is famous…
    “how to cook dexter potatoes”
    “kahlua and dexter”

  21. That is very neat! I just added the analytics to mine and hope to get my own giggles soon!

  22. Ok sicky isn’t feeling up to commenting on all of them, but Alanna those are HYSTERCIAL

  23. I love posts like these. Weird search terms bring me endless enjoyment, although I don’t know whether to laugh at or be afraid of mine:

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