Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2008 at 1:41 am | Posted in Cookies | 26 Comments

This is the Super Secret Sugar Cookie recipe from April’s friend Erin.  April finally got the recipe from her over a month ago, but she made us wait until this week to get it.  I almost my lovely April with a stick, but the cookies were good so I didn’t.

These are some pretty good sugar cookies and really I just want to say happy V-Day.  What the V stands for is up to you depending on how you feel about today.

½ cup shortening
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2TBSP milk
1TBSP vanilla
2TBSP baking powder
3 ½ cups cake flour


Preheat oven to 375 F.

Cream shortening and sugar together. Add well beaten eggs. Add vanilla and milk.  Sift dry ingredients together. Mix dry ingredients with shortening/sugar mixture.

Roll out on floured surface. Cut into shapes. Bake for 8 minutes.



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  1. w00t w00t! Spreading the sugar cookie love one blog at a time. So what else would V stand for?

  2. Cute looking cookies!

  3. Aw, how cute! Happy V Day to you too! Hope you liked them – I think they are super duper yummy!

  4. CB I don’t know … Vasectomy Day may work if you really don’t like the holiday 🙂

  5. Those are so cute! Sprinkles pwn my soul, they really do. it’s sad what I sucker I am for sprinkles on things. It’s an obssession. A way of life.

    The Way Of The Sprinkles!

  6. Happy Vendetta Day.

  7. Happy Vulva Day…?
    Happy Vagina Day…?
    Happy Virgin Day…?
    Happy Volcano Day…?
    Happy Vulcan Day…?
    Happy Vaccination Day…?
    Happy Vampire Day…?
    Happy Vandalism Day…?
    Happy Varicose Veins Day?
    Happy Vaseline Day…?
    Happy VCR Day…?
    Happy Vegan Day…?
    Happy Venereal Disease Day…?

    ok thats all I got. LOL.

  8. Haha CB you crack me up

  9. Valentines Day should really just be called Vagina Day. Why you ask? because its really all about the girls va-jay-jay. It’s a guaranteed night of hot lovin as long as you get the prerequisites right (flowers, card, chocolate, etc). Or its sleeping on the couch if you screw up. It all relates back to that thing in your pants ladies. Your secrets out.

  10. note the last comment is not based on experience per se, I usually get VDay right, its Bdays I screw up.


  11. ^ why you think its T’s favorite holiday? 😉 ps. I look forward to hearing how you scored some hot love this vday… gifts! talking about gifts. no other details please…

  12. Oh honey you are a funny one. Too bad you waited until today to buy me my wino sorbet. Someone isn’t getting any lovin bahahahaha.

  13. I told NB to wait until tomorrow and then score me like 20 lbs of 75% off chocolate, hehe.

  14. You do realize that no lovin is a two way street? Unless your getting some on the side, I think we both lose 😛

  15. Damit! My Vagina Day is RUINED

  16. He’s got you there TDEMBNB. 😉

  17. I so need to figure out that acronym

  18. Success CB we figured out one he doesn’t understand right away!!!!!

  19. He’ll never get it. Obviously T definitely doesn’t get it either since NB was already too hard. bahaha.

  20. he’s struggling SPTDDICHCBSP

  21. I am SOOOO calling it Va-J-J Day from now on. I totally ❤ you girls…you made my day!!!

  22. I am so hopelessly screwed, you’ve invented your own internet language now.

  23. Not to mention the crazy cupcake language they have between them!

  24. Bahaha we had to invent it. Hubbys aren’t supposed to be able to understand our girlie convos.

    Alanna – haha I love the cuppy font

  25. This day isn’t about candy, it’s about bread! Don’t you people know that? *holds up her new bread book* Forget the candy!

    (ok really, don’t forget the candy. Bring some over here.)

  26. happy valentine’s day! your cookies are super cute

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