TWD: No heat + no stove = not happening

February 12, 2008 at 9:57 am | Posted in Blog Event, Random, Tuesdays with Dorie | 14 Comments

I just learned that I actually like cheesecake despite years of thinking I hated it. Who knew? Because of my new found love I was very excited about this weeks recipe, Apple Cheesecake. Sadly, my poor little cheesecake that I would have loved dearly never got made.

The end of last week and this weekend were beyond busy so my plan was to make it yesterday, but my heat went out out and because the stove and heating unit are one and the same, they managed to put a damper on my TWD cheesecake fun

The whole story after the break

I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night freezing. This has only happened twice in the year and a half we have lived in our apt and I was pretty sure the pilot light going out was the problem. You’re probably saying to yourself wait, the pilot light? Isn’t that for the stove? Why yes, my dear Watson it is, but in my ghettotastic apartment our heat also comes out of our stove. I’m not exactly sure how it works but there’s a heater in the stove and it heats our apt like a beast. I honestly love it most days because it keeps us extremely warm and somehow the costs stay low. I can have it up all the way (aka you feel like your in a sauna) and the bill doesn’t go above $150, not too shabby.

Anyway, back to my story. So G and I being the lazy chumps that we are just pulled the blankets tighter around ourselves and tried to keep sleeping. I knew it was almost time for G to get up for work anyway so there was no point in fully waking myself up now. G got up and our pilot light was out, so he re-lit it and hopped in the shower. He got out of the shower and it was out again … hmm that’s odd. So he lit it again and went off to work. Then it was my turn. I woke up and it was off … damit I don’t even know how to lite the pilot lite (I am now a seasoned professional). I call G in a tizzy, now our pilot light is out for the 4th time and this is going to make me late for work and I have my doubts that it will even stay on. So I light it, fill the dogs cage more than half was full with blankets and plan on coming back to check again after work. I’m hoping it’s just windy. Righttttttt

Lunch break comes and sure enough the pilot light it out. I light it again and wait. 15 minutes later it’s out. It finally sinks in that there is definitely something wrong and it’s not the wind. So I light it again, call G and tell him to call the landlord. I hop online and check my GR while I wait.

30 minutes and a relight later I call G. “Hey have you called Ralph?” “No, I’m busy at work” Well damit G! I’m sitting here in a freezing cold apt. the least he could have done would have been to tell me to look up the number and call. The reason why I didn’t call in the first place is an easy one, I don’t like calling random people and I have talked to Ralph once in our time here. G’s only responsibility during the wedding was to make all my calls for me. That’s just how it works.

So, I call the landlord, one of the women answers and says I’ll get a hold of Ralph and have him call you right back. Five minutes later my adorably sweet 70 year old landlord calls me back. Multiple calls go back and forth and in the end he was sending the plumbers over. They were finishing something up and would be here in an hour.

Does anything about that strike you as odd. Why a plumber? His brother with the plumbers butt does most of the random repairs for Ralph’s buildings, but he obviously said he wasn’t qualified so they got a plumber. I was confused, but figured, he’s been calling places for apt repairs longer than I’ve been alive.

So, the “plumbers” come. We need a new stove/heating unit, but they don’t make them anymore. Great this is going to take some time. In the meantime they patched up the problem, but I had to wait for it to dry completely. Fan friggen tastic. They said 7:30pm we should be good to go. G got home from work at 6:45, still not dry. We went to the ILs for dinner, got home at 11pm still not dry.

We got out every last blanket we had, layered ourselves up like crazy people and got the worst nights sleep of our lives.

The good news is that we were finally able to turn the heat back on this morning so I should have a toasty apt to come home to after work. Yay for heat!



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  1. Yikes! I’m sorry you didn’t get to make the cheesecake, and even more sorry that you’ve gone without heat! Stay warm!

  2. I had this happen on my furnace a year or two ago. It happened so frequently I had to just leave the cover off the furnace all the time so I could get in there. It really is such a pain! Luckily my dad was able to install an electric ignition so I don’t have to worry about a pilot light anymore. But having to get a whole new set up does NOT sound like fun at all!

  3. That is just awful Nikki. I am so sorry. Its f’n cold out too!! The cheesecake can wait. Stay warm!!! xo

  4. Poor sugah! Working on planning lots of meals with no power at the moment myself, half the friggin year here we have to prepare for hurricane season. Are you warm and cozy yet?

  5. We need a new refrigerator and a new microwave. And I’m traveling this week, so no cheesecake for me!

  6. I’m sorry this happened! I know you must have been looking forward to making the cheesecake. I hope that you get warm soon and that you’ll get to make it eventually!

  7. Whats a pilot light? ::evil laugh::

  8. Ah man! Glad the heat is back!

  9. I hate cold so I was feeling the cold while I was reading your post. Happy to hear you have heat again.

    btw I totally agree on the making phone calls thing šŸ˜‰

  10. Hmmm, you know if you lived in SoCal you would have the AC on instead last night, like moi šŸ˜›
    Glad to hear you have your heat back!

  11. Sad! I’m glad you have the heat back, and I look forward to the next TWD installment from you!

  12. baking keeps our house warm in this frigid iowa, so i can’t imagine having the heat go out! looking forward to next week….i’m sure you are too!

  13. awww, sorry you missed out! glad you’re warm again though šŸ™‚

  14. that’s awful! glad your apt is nice and warm again, tho!

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