We’ve Moved

February 4, 2008 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Random | 8 Comments

Ok ok enough of my fun with Clara’s post.

I too have moved, but then again I didn’t really move at all. You know those houses that are on the corner of two streets and for years they’re considered part of street A, but then out of nowhere the post office decides that their front door really puts them on street B so they get a new address. Same house, new address, but the old address will still get your mail to you. It’s like that.

Ahhh, moving, but not moving.

I’ve thought about getting my own domain name for awhile now, but I suffer from this debilitating disease often referred to as extreme laziness and I haven’t done it. I’m not necessarily worried that someone is going to steal my blog title, it’s random and I’m just not that important for someone to steal my blog name. But, as I previously stated I suffer from extreme laziness and typing in .wordpress is really a PITA if I’m not at my computer. So in an effort to make everyone’s lives a little easier I bring you

http://crazydeliciousfood.com aka the shorter/cleaner url for https://crazydeliciousfood.wordpress.com



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  1. I feel like I JUST read this blog somewhere else. Thanks for mentioning me though. I feel so popular today!

  2. woah, deja vu!

  3. Um, I’m getting the strangest feeling that I’ve heard this before.

  4. http://tinyurl.com/ywyo7a

  5. ^ LMAO

  6. Congrats on moving!

  7. Personally I think the re-write lack some pizzaz. Just saying… ::don’t hurt me::

  8. I think that you all learned a valuable lesson from what happened to me last week. Always glad to help. 😛

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