Iheartcuppycakes Taste Test: Snickerdoodles

February 1, 2008 at 10:13 pm | Posted in cupcakes | 12 Comments

Last week my favoritest person in the whole wide world, CB, who has even been known to call herself my “girlfriend on the side” 😛 , asked for applications to become a taste tester. This is one of Clara’s typical fun and creative ideas that she thinks up purely for her own amusement. How could these applications not be funny?

The other girls were funny, but come on, I spend more time talking to her than anyone else, I certainly know how to beat out the competition. So what did I do? I wrote it up in food. Not actually food, but food pictures aka a food font. CB is the only one with the code so my silly ramblings are a mystery to the rest of the world. Want to see my application?

(Click image to enlarge)

In the end CB decided that everyone who applied aka her bestest buddies were going to get to taste test. She says she’s going to narrow down the field, which I’m not sure she’ll do, but I do know that I can beat everyone else’s butts. I know how to suck up like it’s no ones business.


Snickerdoodle Cuppy Review


In the interest of being a fast and efficient worker I did not take pictures of the packaging. Both Rachy Poo Sprinkleton and Alanna already took virtually identical pictures, no need to redo the work that has already been done by others, I need to stand out rather than do what the rest of the pack is doing. I will give you a review though, because that folks, is my job and I am the only one that has previous experiences to compare it to. We all saw CB and I’s last attempt at shipping cuppys, it was a terrible disaster.

This time based on my previous testing review (Note the effectiveness of my previous reviews) CB wrapped each cuppy in saran wrap, included a baggie frosting and put tissue paper in between the cuppys and the top of the box. I must say that this worked perfectly. All cuppys arrived in their place and looked beautiful. A far cry from the rock hard, beaten to a pulp cuppys I got last time. All in all I give the packaging 4.5 stars. The only fault of the packaging is that I want them to come frosted. Hopefully, BB, our resident engineer can figure that out. If only she can figure out how to make cuppys to send we may be on our way to having the perfect shipping experience.


First impression:

The first thing I noticed was the smell. Before I even opened the box all I could smell was the sweet cinnamony aroma. The tops of the cuppys still looked delightfully moist and all I wanted to do was eat cuppys! They looked amazing.

G heard the word cuppys and was impatiently waiting to taste test. Luckily, it’s farking cold here so the frosting was good and firm. At least firm enough for my amazing suck up to CB plan! I quickly applied my initial frosting, took a few pictures and handed G a cuppy. I planned to take pictures of what happened next, but my camera battery failed me. So here comes my next review.

Cuppy Containers:

While the beautiful white “portion cups” CB made the cuppys in are beautiful, they have one major downfall. They do not allow for quick and easy access to the cuppys. While beauty is important, cuppy access is also important. G ended up grabbing scissors to get his off and I just used my teeth, no time for scissors for me.



These are some delicious cuppys. They clearly didn’t come from the failure of a cookbook that is the 500 Cupcakes cookbook. I took my first bite without applying any additional frosting. I wanted to taste the cuppy with and without frosting.

Without frosting: I have to agree with Alanna in saying that the cuppys were a teeny bit on the dryer end of things, but certainly nothing compared to the bricks I ended up with last time. I wouldn’t necessarily say they were dry, more that they were not exceptionally moist. The taste was perfect! There really is no better way to describe it. Pure tasty perfection. Pure cinnamon goodness.

With frosting: OMG AMAZING. They really do taste like the cuppy version of snickerdoodles. They vaguely reminded me of the Spearmint cinnamon and Lavender cuppys I made for the Mint edition of Cupcake Hero, without all the added crazy flavor undertones. A simple, perfect, cinnamony cuppy.

The Frosting: I think it was a smart choice to go with the cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I think the frosting initially paired with the cuppy would have been too sweet. I will also admit that typically, I’m more interested in the cakey goodness than the frosting, but I was eating this frosting directly from the bag. Yummm! During my frosting taste test I did notice some tiny chunks of powdered sugar. CB get yourself some better powdered sugar.

Notes for next time: I would like to see CB try to adapt this recipe to be made without cake mix from a box (NOTE: not only do I provide the bestest reviews cuppys can buy, I also push you to become a better baker).

Overall, amazing cuppy.


Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery

G’s reaction … you need to make more of these. I want to eat a whole batch of them in one sitting (he’s not kidding)

My reaction … G you only get one more, these aren’t one of those cuppys that you get to eat most of while I only eat one. I’m eating my fair share.

Puddles (dog) and Bubba Lucky (cat) … Please please please can we have some

I will end this with the reasons why I am way better than the rest of the competition …

Kristi – While I do love her, she only has 4 blog posts since October 2nd, clearly not a dedicated enough blogger. You’re fired!

Alanna – Clearly doesn’t read Clara’s blog enough to know that we were sent Snickerdoodle cuppys (not cinnamon you goof). You’re fired!

Rachey Poo Sprinkleton – While her name is fantastic and her review was very good, she goes to school and works. She doesn’t have time to be a taste tester. You’re fired too!

And the number one reason why I should be head taste tester. I taught the beech everything she knows. If it weren’t for me Clara never would have started cooking or baking and if It weren’t for me she never would have started a blog so she could be as cool as I am. Pretty much there’s no contest here folks.

Ohh, one more thing I take the funniest pictures …



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  1. Dear [food code], iheartcuppycakes! is very impressed with your review of our snickerdoodle cupcake. Your cuppycakes categories are indicative of a thorough thoughtful review and we LOVE all your pictures. We appreciate your time and obvious effort. At this time, we will review the other candidates and be in touch.
    Sincerely, Mr. Cuppycakes

    ps. The suckup frosting job was a nice touch 😉

  2. Great review, Nikki! The sucking up was a nice touch. 🙂 With all the baking that CB does, I think there’s room for more than one taste tester. You can totally be the head taster. Did you see my app? I would take any tasting postions available.Besides, I think it is good to see how they are with varying shipping times. I got mine in one day.

    Basically, there’s room for two of us in the cuppycake town!

    Whaddya say, pard’ner?

  3. Sounds good to meeeeeeee. I just like the title that comes with President of cuppy taste testing 😛

  4. ::does celebratory booty shake::

  5. w00t President NB and VP Rachy Poo Sprinkleton … sounds like perfection!

  6. I think you are all nuts. 😛

  7. Oh, and Slush, you haven’t even met them in person have you!? Yep, nuts…all of us JK girls are. Sad to say, (and I know I risk JK/FB/blog banishment for this) I’m not a big snickerdoodle fan. But, that’s because I’ve often had them really dry & crumbly, & I don’t like it when my cookie is difficult to eat. So, I’m thinking that the cupcake version could be my snickerdoodle solution. I still think snickerdoodles should involve Snickers though…

  8. Maybe just a little 🙂

  9. Oh boy, can we say overblown ego? LOL I’m cool with being the head West Coast taster, if you want to take the East Coast, NB. 🙂

    Oh, and Bubba Lucky looks JUST like my Dexter from the back! I’d like to see what his face looks like – they could be twins! 🙂

  10. Hey now, I know my blog is nothing to write home about, but I am working with limited internet access! 😛 I am working on my updates….albiet slowly. Can’t we just share? 🙂 I’d be happy to taste test quarterly just to get cupcakes in the mail!

  11. Hehe at least the competition is smart … if you can’t beat me, join me 😛

  12. […] iheartcuppycakes! Taste testers: Dexter’s in the Kitchen w/ Alanna Crazy Delicious Food Tangerine-Tart […]

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