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January 29, 2008 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Random | 16 Comments

I used to have my blog on blogger/blogspot and I have nothing against people who use blogger, but I have one big ole problem. I can not stand pop ups. I also have my computer set to hate pop ups too. This poses a fairly large problem when I attempt to leave comments on some blogger blogs if they have the comment window set to be a pop up. This drives me crazy and forces me to waste time allowing the pop up to come through. At one point I thought some blogs just hated me until I *shudder* tried it in Internet Explorer and found that it was because of pop ups. I would have to assume that you don’t HAVE to have it set this way because I have no problems on some blogger blogs, but some of you … well are you trying to cause my hair to fall out?

Now, I have no problems at work because I have to allow pop ups because my boss refuses to listen to logic and understand that people just don’t like pop ups. I know I can’t be alone on this one. But, when I am at home I get very frustrated, especially when Daring Baker posting day arrives and I am banging my head against the wall because I just want to leave a comment to tell you how great of a job you did.

I’m not going to boycott your blog or anything if you have the comment window set to be a pop up, but I have a feeling that some people don’t know the stress they cause me and I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that you make me grow old much faster when you do this to me and I would like to stay young as long as possible.

Update:  If you would like to know how to change this it’s very easy … Log into your account, go to settings, then go to comments. Under comments it asks you if you would like to show comments in a pop up window. JUST CLICK NOOOOOOOOOOO!


The CEO (beat that CB)



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  1. Just admit it NB. Your comp is whacked! Popups work fine for me.
    The Upper Management

  2. Um no I have it set to not allow ANY pop ups because I despise them

  3. Please make sure you have a cover sheet with all your TPS reports
    The Stockholders

  4. Sweetie, I own all the stocks too … stop making shit up

  5. PS You’re fired!

  6. whatthefug? You getting all Donald on me now?!? Give the girl a little power and she goes nuts! Just say no to comb overs though.

  7. Haha well I’m going to end up with a comb over if people don’t stop it with the pop ups

  8. How do I make them go away?

  9. ha! funny you say this. i used to have my blog set w/o the pop up but then i noticed when visiting other blogs that i would hate having to hit the “Back” button to get back to their blog after leaving a comment. so in order to allow people to leave a comment and then continue on reading my blog uninterrupted, i made that change to my settings! i never thought about it this way though… hmmmm….

  10. That is also an easy fix. You can set your browser to open links in a tab/window that way you don’t need to hit back and you can get to commenting whenever you’re good and ready.

  11. whew, mine is not a pop up. But since we blog format bitching I hate wordpress blogs because they are soooo slooooow at work. It takes me five minutes to comment ::looks at watch:: yup about five minutes to reply :/

  12. Oh and I can’t choose to have follow up comments emailed to me which I don’t like because it takes at least three minutes to load a page, scroll to the bottom and read

  13. Mine doesn’t pop up, does it? As much as I like things that pop up (tee hee), I don’t want my blog comments doing it!

  14. Oh all right, for you I changed my comment type! I was like MrsPresley with not liking the flow interruption when I was mass reading a new blog. But I have no excuse because I open links in new tabs all the time.


  15. You I never thought to look at my comment settings, and so I’m glad you brought this up. But fortunately I didn’t have popups activated. YAY!

  16. I’m gonna go check my box right now. I dont think its a pop up. Thanks for the great info and sorry about the headacke! Hopefully, no head banging at my blog!

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