Tortilla Soup

January 9, 2008 at 9:35 pm | Posted in Soup | 6 Comments

I forgot to bring my egg salad sandwich to work today and ended up at the grocery store looking for something to eat. I ended up with a turkey and cheese sandwich if anyone cares. The check out aisle is always dangerous. I love magazines and there’s alway a new magazine to buy. Today I saw one of those little magazines that was full of crock pot recipes. I opened it up, saw chicken wings, which I am now craving and, of course, I bought it.

Chicken wings didn’t happen for a few reasons. One, I couldn’t fudge them as easily as a non croc pot meal and two, because I decided I would rather make my MIL’s recipe. The only problem with my MIL’s recipe is that they need to be marinated for 2 days and she’s making them this weekend for the Pats game so that was out.

Then I saw tortilla soup. I [heart] tortilla soup! My decision was made.

In the end my recipe looks very little like the one in the crock pot book, but boy oh boy was it tasty!

I kinda sorta threw things in and didn’t measure so this is just a general guess at the amounts.

Tortilla Soup

Toss all ingredients in a pot and cook until flavors meld and it’s nice and hot

2 14 oz cans of chicken broth (I ended up using a little more because it got a wee bit too spicy)

1 can of crushed tomatoes

1 can of tomato paste

2 cups frozen corn

1/2 a white onion chopped

Bunch O’ Jalapeños (I had half a jar of sliced jalapeños in the fridge so I threw them in. My guess is that they would be 1-2 whole jalapeños)

1 can of beans (I would have used black, but G always insists we have tons of them and didn’t get me more when he was at the store the other day like I told him to … all I had was baked beans. Probably my last choice, but I rinsed them and they were fine)

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tsp ground cummin

1 pound cooked ground beef

3 cloves of garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste

Top with: Cheese (I used a taco blend) and tortilla strips.

Tortilla Strips

Heat deep fryer or oil in a pan to 350 degrees. I use a deep fryer because I almost burned down the apt heating oil on the stove.

Cut corn tortillas in strips

Toss them in the deep fryer. Flip when they start to get dark and take them out when crispy. Top with a little salt if it suits your fancy.



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  1. omg. How did you make that adorable sideways heart? It has so much character tilting on the side. oh and yeah… soup. cool.

  2. Haha, the heart with character is all your fault

  3. OMG that looks so good! Now I want tortilla soup for lunch. I think I will try it with a few sliced avacodos on top too =)

  4. This sounds delicious. I’m always looking for good crockpot recipes.

  5. Do you think I could use cooked, shredded chicken instead of beef?

  6. Yep. The recipe called for chicken, but the ground beef was there so I used that. It was purely out of laziness that I used beef

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