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January 8, 2008 at 1:09 am | Posted in The G'ma recipes | 6 Comments

I don’t know how much I’ve talked about it on my blog, but those of you who know me know that I am in love with ebay. I have a sick and twisted obsession. I could sit on ebay all day long and search for thing to buy that I don’t need.

So my latest ebay purchase was a random, but wonderful find. A woman had her grandmothers recipe cards, but didn’t have much use for cards that called for fowl because she was a Vegetarian and for some reason the she wasn’t interested in baked goods either. Personally, I can’t imagine selling them, I look forward to the day when my Great Grandmothers recipe cards are handed down to me. For people who love to cook they contain such an intimate view into their lives. Although I may not know the stories that go with each of the recipe cards, and they may not come from my family, the old food stained cards are something I will thoroughly enjoy.

I got them in the mail today and was so excited to open them up and go through them. I only went through them quickly, but I already feel a connection to the woman collected these recipes over the years. I think we would have got along amazingly, she clearly loves to bake. She also has multiple snickerdoodle recipes and lots of bread recipes. This is a woman after my own heart!

During my first look I found some recipes that I need to try and others that made me laugh.

The Good

“The best cookie” recipe is one I must try. It’s an oatmeal cookie that looks fantastic! There were also about a million bread recipes, including about 6 for coffee cakes that I need to try. Yum!

The Bad

The 5 can soup made me think yuck. I’m not afraid of cream of soups but 2 kinds of cream of soup in addition to other canned goods, just isn’t my style.

and …

The Crazy

The two pictures are of the crazy ones. The first is a recipe for American Chop Souy, which I happen to love, but take a look at the ingredients and you tell me what’s crazy about this recipe.

The other recipe on my crazy list isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s a recipe for 21 count them 21 pie crusts. Who on earth makes 21 pie crusts at a time? Just stop for a second and think about how long it would take to not only make that much crust, but then to fill all those pie crusts. Craziness I tell ya. I just hope she froze some of that dough, but 21 seems like an odd number for something you’re going to freeze. I have a feeling this woman would have been quite the daring baker!

My favorite thing, simply because I can’t try all these recipes tonight was the single funniest recipe card I have ever seen. There was only one card with the little logo, but boy oh boy was it funny. Keep an eye out for this picture because whenever I make one of The Random G’ma Recipe’s dishes I will include the logo.

I’m excited to start trying the recipes!



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  1. WOW. from one ebay addict to another: GREAT FIND! and I am guessing “chinese brown sauce” for your “whats up with this recipe?” question. LOL.

  2. Guess again CB

  3. Oops my comment whenunder the wrong blog post. You’ll have to find it below… I think the crazy part is the generic “fat” that must be included and the veal. Veal is gross.

  4. Wow! Nice find. I used to be an ebay addict, but I’ve sworn off spending unecessarily for awhile. I have some of my grandmother’s old cookbooks and I can’t imagine selling those for anything!

  5. Wonderful find! Can’t imagine anybody selling their grandmothers recipe cards though…

  6. I’m also guessing the generic “fat”, which appears on many of my grandmother’s recipe cards as well. I can’t *imagine* selling them!

    You’ve got quite a collection to choose from when Laura Rebecca revives her Retro Recipe Challenges!

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