Cupcake Hero – Spearmint, Lavender and Cinnamon cupcakes

December 31, 2007 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Blog Event, cupcakes | 1 Comment

I finally decided to throw a cupcake in the hat for this months cupcake hero. I finished my cuppy before Christmas, but between the holidays and helping take care of my brother I have a lot of blog posts waiting to get posted. So, here I am, at the last minute finally posting my entry.

Initially I couldn’t decide what kind of cupcake I wanted to make. There were just too many options. Then I went to Penzey’s and bough some spearmint (they were out of peppermint) and I took a step in the right direction. I had at least decided on the type of mint I wanted to use. Now the problem was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.

I looked at about a million recipes for more ideas on what would go well with spearmint. I haven’t exactly baked with spearmint before and gum and mohitos are pretty much where my spearmint experience ends. Then I saw a recipe for lavender and spearmint. Who knows what the recipe was for, but my decision was made. I was going with a lavender and spearmint cupcake. Now all I had to do was find a great basic cupcake recipe. I ended up going for Billy’s Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes.

Then the baking began. Now I wanted to try some variations based on combinations I had seen so I started with just the vanilla cupcake (you know I needed to know if they were good one their own … two thumbs up). Then I mixed in 3tbsp of crushed dried spearmint and 1 tbsp of lavender. Boy oh boy were they good, but I wasn’t done experimenting. I had seen honey combined with the two and figured I would give it a shot … um no. I was not a fan of adding the honey, it made the flavors too much. I liked the subtle hints on lavender and spearmint, the honey enhanced all the flavors and it was just no good. Then I decided I wanted to try with cinnamon so I added some cinnamon to a batch … HOLY DELICIOUS. So good. I’m not sure exactly how much I used, but I just poured out some batter and sprinkled a bunch in. Soo good, exactly what I wanted from my cuppy. I still wasn’t done though. I wanted to try them with all 4 flavors. Again, the honey killed it and what was left of the batter was used to make yummy spearmint, lavender and cinnamon cupcakes.

After that was all said and done I had dreams of experimenting with frosting. Chocolate spearmint, cinnamon butter cream, spearmint butter cream, cinnamint butter cream oh the possibilities were endless, but honestly I wanted to eat my cupcakes. I did try it with a regular cream cheese frosting and ehhh not my cup of tea. In the end I said screw all the different combos and went with a melty cool whip (who doesn’t love cool whip?) frosting sprinkled with cinnamon.

All in all I love my cupcakes and if I don’t win, at least it was a hell of an experiment in my kitchen. I would also like to blame cupcake hero for causing me to sample 5 cupcakes in one night. I thought I was going to be sick 🙂 I mean you have to be a hero to eat 5 cupcakes in a night. Right?


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  1. Well… you’re my cupcake hero if I can be yours. Great pics and always love your “story”. Me want recipe please… 🙂

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