Homemade Nachos

November 11, 2007 at 8:50 pm | Posted in Mexican | 3 Comments

I love tortillia chips. Everything about them is great, the crispiness, the salt the … everything. Friday night I decided to make dinner instead of having our traditional pizza night. After work I ran some errands then went to the grocery store and got everything I was going to need. The only problem was that when I finally got home I didn’t feel like going all out so I decided to go for my favorite lame version of nachos. Pretty much ground beef with taco seasoning, refried beans and some cheddar mixed together in a bowl that you dunk your chips in. It’s nothing special, but I’ve always loved it.

In an effort to make dinner somewhat less boring I decided to make my own tortillia chips. This is something I’ve never tried, but after watching the Gourmet Next Door last weekend I decided that they were easy and would be something different. Let me tell you, they were so good and Greg was addicted to say the least. I liked them better than store bought (obviously) and he even love them better than the super yummy ones at the mexican place around the corner.

When I say easy I mean easy …


1 package of corn tortillias (I used the smaller size)


Vegetable/Canola oil


Heat oil to approx 350 degrees F either in a sauce pan or deep fryer (yay for having a deep fryer and not having to worry about almost burning down the apt because I’m not paying attention)

Cut the corn tortillias into quarters

Put them in the oil in batches. Try not to over crowd.

Flip the tortillias to make sure both sides are evenly browned and once they look good take them out (approx 1-2 mins per batch)

While they’re still warm add salt to the bowl they’re in and toss to cover them evenly

That’s it!



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  1. DANG! you made your own tortilla chips? Me want a fryer now. arrggh! damn you and making me want to buy more kitchen appliances that I don’t need!

  2. Best deep fryer food of 2007

  3. So when are you making me some more?

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