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November 7, 2007 at 3:16 am | Posted in Random | 3 Comments

As you may have noticed based on the lack of posts, I haven’t done much baking because I spent a good chunk of October sick. You know it’s bad when you’ve only taken one day off, but your boss is hinting that maybe it’s time to go to the doctors.

For anyone interested, I did make cough filled pumpkin bread with my pumpkin puree, butttttt before I could take a picture Greg

A) Ate a good chunk of it, which I could have worked around

B) Decided to try to cut his finger off to get to another slice, thus getting blood on my bread and sending it directly into the trash can, which I was 100% unable to work around

So, my thoughts on the bread … Oh wait, you want to hear about Greg’s finger. Of course you do, how could not tell this priceless tale. It’s Saturday afternoon two weeks ago, Greg has eaten most of the bread, but he wants more. He’s hungry and when he wants sweets he’s a man on a mission. Blinded by the baked goodness. He pulls out the wonderful Wusthof Culinar Bread Knife my wonderful Uncle bought us for our wedding and heads for the bread. He grabs the bread, begins to slice the bread then, what can only be called an “oh shit” moment. He had been holding the bread and forgot his thumb was in the line of the knife so he was sawing away at the bread when all of a sudden he started sawing his finger.

Note to self … don’t let Greg near the knives, the bread knife is the hardest to injure yourself on and he did it.

I’m in the bedroom (right next to the kitchen) and all I hear is “oh no oh no I cut myself. It’s bad.” Now you have to understand that Greg has zero tolerance for pain and can whine about minor bumps and bruises. He’s like the boy who cried wolf so I didn’t take him seriously. He kept whining and finally I got up to go see what happened. I’m a great wife huh? His hand is bleeding, but honestly I cut my finger on with one of my knives two weeks before the same depth and I wrapped my hand in a paper towel and finished making our dinner. This is a prime example of why women are the ones who give birth. Men couldn’t handle it no matter how macho they pretend to be.

So I look at it and I don’t think it’s that bad. I hand him a paper towel and tell him to hold it as tight as he can. Did he listen? NO. He wanted to keep looking at it. Well smartie pants the blood won’t stop if you don’t put pressure on it. Did he get dropped on his head when he was little? Probably. So after about 10 minutes, 2 of which involved him putting pressure on it, I grabbed a bandaid and put that sucker on as tight as I could. Would you believe that he whined about how tight it was? He did. Who whines about a bandaid?

Anyway an hour or two later, the bandaid clearly isn’t soaked with blood, but again he has that primal urge to look at it because it hurts. Did he gently take the bandaid off? Of course not, he ripped the sucker off and sure enough it started bleeding again. What am I going to do with him. Mind you he decided to do this as we’re on our way out of the house to go to his parents for dinner.

At this point he insists that he needs to go to the hosptital for stitches. All I can think is great. I know they’ll give him stitches he could get away without, but I really don’t want to spend the next 3 hours in the ER. Most of my ER experience are in Boston and 3 hours is pretty standard.

I was pleasantly surprised that from the time we left our apt, until the time we left the hosptial was only a mere 20 mins. Yay for the Beverly Hospital, I give them 5 stars. We were in and out like it was nobodys business. They did give him two stitches and in the end it was worth it because the look of pain on his face when he got his shot of numby stuff was priceless.

So, sorry about the lack of pics, if you have a problem with it, take it up with Greg.

Oh yes and the bread.  I used the same recipe that’s in my blog so I could compare it to something I knew.  I really liked the real pumpkin, but it was different.  My palate isn’t that good so I can’t really pinpoint what was different about it, but the flavor wasn’t quite as bold.  Now, this is still a good thing.  I liked it as much as the canned pumpkin and will definitely use it again.  Crappy review I know.



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    That was sucha a great story that I had to give you everything in my laughing repetoire. Sorry G. But its really funny. ok you’re forgive for your lack of blog updates but don’t let it happen to often! ::glaring::

  2. Apologies to your husband, but I giggled the entire time I read this! I spent a good chunk of October sick myself. Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Chicks dig scars. Its true.

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