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This month is the beginning of the JKnottie Baked Goods Exchange. I was pleasantly surprised on Friday to get my cookies. I can’t reveal the name quite yet, but I can post pics and the recipe.

I was sent some adorable pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with oranged colored frosting. The cookies held up really well, but the stems on the pumpkins didn’t survive quite as well. Either way, they were so cute.

I really liked the cookies, but I think Greg may have liked them a little bit more. I was sent 2 ziplocs with cookies each having about 5 or so cookies in them. Last night Greg got his hands on one of the bags while we were watching the Red Sox game. After the game I went to our bedroom to lay down, when I came back to drag him to bed I noticed the bag that had 5 cookies only an hour and a half earlier was now down to two cookies and he had been half asleep for at least 45 minutes. Our little exchage gave me a chuckle.

Me – (pointing to the cookies) So, you liked the cookies?

Greg – What? (Dazed Sleepy Voice) I only at like one or two.

Me – There are only two left.

Greg – I don’t know what happened to the other cookies … I didn’t eat them

Now, clearly Greg ate the missing cookie, he’s notorious for getting his hands on junk food and eating massive amounts without noticing it, but the last line in his half sleepy voice was hysterical. Luckily, I have more than enough cookies to share thanks to my awesome SB (secret baker).

In addition to the yummy cookies she also sent an adorable card. The front is like mad libs …. “We really need to (verb) and (verb) more often! No, she didn’t get all sexual on me with her verbs like everyone used to do back in the day … get your minds out of the gutter! She filled it in to say “We really need to bak and share more often!” ADORABLE.

And the last surprise was probably the best. After I finished taking all my pictures and had put my camera down I pulled the second bag of cookies out and hiding underneath were bride and groom rubber duckies. I’m almost positive that she has no idea that I have tons of rubber duckies, but I love them and I never did get a bride and groom ones can you say excited!!!

Thanks SB you’re the best!

I’ll post the recipe later today


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